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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Walk with me won't you?

It's a beautiful day outside, why sit at the computer? Let's go for a walk at the park!

What a nice view.
Should we roll down the rocky hillside or take the steps? Steps? Wussy.

Oh, look. They painted the bridge. Not bad.

I could have sworn there used to be more trees here. When did they tear them down? Yes, it has been while since I have been to the park.

I like how the river sparkles in the sun.

This bridge could really use a colorful paint job.

Oh. I spoke too soon.

They will shamelessly promote popular university sports anywhere they can. Oh, and spread positive messages about loving your neighbor.

It would appear a pack of Cub Scouts got a hold of this bridge. They sure do like to paint bridges around here.

A waterfall. Ha.

Cloudy water closeup.
Pond scum!

Oh, jeez. We have to walk back up these? I better have buns of steel when this is over. Let's go back to my place and make cookies. No that's not a euphemism, I really mean that I want to make cookies.

Peanut Butter Bombs from My Sweet Vegan.

Two of my bombs 'sploded. There were no casualties.

Blurry, but delicious inside shot. I defused that bomb with two bites.


Alisa said...

Those look sooo yummy!

Lauren said...

Most definitely. I wish I still had some...