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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spooning Kittens

It is so hard to believe that they will be 12 weeks old this Wednesday. This is just two of the six. Rarely do you find more than one passed out at a time. The other four were causing mass destruction in the kitchen. They love to help me cook or bake, and by "help," I mean that they lay in the kitchen floor so I am constantly jumping over them like little, furry hurdles.

Last Tuesday, I set out to make my very first crisp for a work party the next day. I never really thought about making a crisp before, they just seem so simple. I like a challenge when I make a dessert. Sadly, I hadn't the time for a challenge. I used this recipe for Plum Berry Crisp. I made it as is, without any additions. I used demerara sugar in the fruit and the topping. I love how bubbly and juicy it came out of the oven. It kind of looked like The Blob. After it cooled, I added a glaze to it, because as my mom stated, a glaze makes everything better. At the party the next day, I got many compliments for the crisp. It was sweet and tart and juicy. And glaze really does make everything better. It's not the prettiest dessert, but damn was it good with vanilla soy ice cream. I don't believe I have ever gotten as many compliments on a dessert as I did with this one. One woman I work with had two of her sisters and her brother stop by to taste it, and to get a copy of the recipe. She told me it was the best thing I have brought yet.

Mmmm, bubbly.

This morning I made another coffee cake, same recipe as the last one from VWaV, only with black and blueberries. Once again, using half agave nectar and half brown rice syrup instead of maple syrup. All glazed up and ready to go to work in the morning:

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