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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cake? How could I forget the cake?!

I appear to be a little behind, as I keep finding pictures of things I forgot I made. And I just made them last weekend, how terrible is my memory? Last Saturday, Oct. 25th, was my mom's birthday. She requested a lemon cake with lemon frosting. I told her I could do that. And I did.

There it is in all its heart-shaped glory. I used the Vegan with a Vengeance Lemon Gem Cupcake recipe, only baking it as a cake for around 30 minutes. It was perfect. I wanted the frosting a little more sturdy, so I used shortening instead of margarine.
Mmmm, frosting...

And, for Halloween, I made cookies for work. Bat-shaped cookies. Bat-shaped chocolate cookies. Bat-shaped chocolate cookies with icing. Bat-shaped chocolate cookies with icing and sprinkles. You get the point I'm trying to make, right?
Already packed up to go, because I forgot to take pictures (sigh, again).

I used Kittee's recipe for Chocolate Roll-Out Cookies. They were amazing, as always, and taste like brownies. Or Cocoa Puffs.

And, finally, to bring me up to date, I have actual brownies, not brownie-flavored cookies. Yesterday I was off work and decided to make brownies for a groovy guy who is sick and loves brownies. I used this recipe from Don't Eat Off the Sidewalk! I never have close access to soy yogurt and I was out of soy sour cream, so I blended half a block of extra firm silken tofu with the two tablespoons of soy milk and used that in place of soy yogurt. I also used a Green & Blacks dark chocolate bar instead of chocolate chips. They came out perfectly. I shoveled two in my mouth, hid two away for later and wrapped the other five up for my man-friend.

So shiny and crackly.

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