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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Post-Christmas Cookin' and a New Gadget

All alone the day after Christmas, with nothing to do and off from work, I decided to make a favorite of mine: tofu omelets from Cozy Inside. One variation of the recipe can be found here. I had some slightly expired tofu in the fridge that I did not want to waste. It was only, like, a week old. I was seriously lacking in vegetables that I could combine into some kind of theme. I did have three different kinds of peppers, though. When I woke up that morning I did not think to myself, 'Gee my colon could use another hole in it. I think I'll burn one into it.' No, this was not my intention. I do have a high threshold for pain and all things hot, so I threw caution to the wind. I chopped up some onions, green peppers, banana peppers and jalepeno peppers and sauteed them.


I had no plain soymilk. Hell, I had no soymilk, period. Instead, I used vanilla oat milk. Thankfully, I could tell no difference in the end product. I blended up the oat milk and tofu in my Magic Bullet and poured it in a big bowl.

This is the blended tofu/oat milk with the soy flour (I never have chickpea flour) and nooch mixed in. Very creamy. After I added the onion and pepper in, I felt bad about not having more of a veggie variety, so I dumped in some salsa. The hot stuff. I also added some red pepper flakes to the mix. It's like I was just asking for it. Maybe I was. Here's the batter in the pan:

I never make them very big. Mostly because I can't flip very well. Also because I like to put them on sandwiches. Mostly the first one.

All flipped over. Obviously not the same one as pictured above it. Regrettably, the first two were not cooperative, and ended up more like a tofu scramble: still good, just not in omelet form. When I make them small I can usually get about 8 out of a batch. Then they end up as my lunch for the next several days. Can't complain.

The book. A most awesome book and a good deal too. I took the cheap route and downloaded and printed it myself, hole-punched it and rigged up a binder for it. I also made pumpkin biscuits (using the Cooking Light recipe for Sweet Potato Biscuits, halving it and using Smart Balance margarine and spelt flour)and "sausage" (the Gimme Lean stuff), but they were more "functional" - meaning they were yummy, but not pretty enough to take a picture of.

Finally, a very exciting find. My mom stumbled across this at Goodwill, and thought of me.

It's an ice cream maker! It makes one half-pint! Which to me is a perfect serving. Well, I would eat a whole pint, but if I only had half a pint at a time around I wouldn't be tempted! How adorable is it?

I am torn between making banana or pumpkin "ice cream" first.

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