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Sunday, September 16, 2007

An exciting find...

Okay, for some it may not be that exciting, but considering I leave in a very small southern town with not another vegan for miles, let alone anyone that knows what a vegan is, it was for me. My first thought was, 'Ha! A ccokie that I don't have to make!' The cookies themselves are very soft, and have a subtle banana flavor and a few nuts scattered about. Really, nothing special. I consider this progress. The next slightly larger town over from us has two health food stores: one ran by two old ladies, and the other a recent opening that carries so much more. I found these at the two old ladies' store. It is the first thing I found in there specifically labeled as 'Vegan'. I bought three, plus a soy natural fudge brownie that is also vegan, but I didn't get a picture of that before it was eaten. I would probably only buy these again if I was in serious cookie withdrawl and could not get to a kitchen to make my own. Not that they were bad, just bland.

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