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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kitchen Gadgetry

I am on vacation all this week. It isn't a traditional vacation where I have my butt planted on a beach some place exotic, it's more like a vacation where I sleep in and knit. Yesterday I took a day-trip to a town 80 or so miles from home to antique and shop at a really great outlet mall. In this outlet mall is a kitchen store called Kitchen Collection. Here I found:

The Ulitmate 3 in 1 Caddy! It's a Wilton cake, muffin/cupcake and mini muffin/cupcake carrier for clumsy folk like me. I thought it would be expensive like all of Wilton's products, but it was only $20 bucks.

Here's the first layer, I guess; the cake platform

The muffin/cupcake tray

The mini-muffin/cupcake tray; one tray, two sides.

The whole shebang, locked into place and ready to go.

Mini silicone bunny pans. I am beside myself with glee!

Spoon straws! Perfect for shakes and smoothies!

Silicone measuring cups.

Sushi mold! For the totally inept! Hey, that's me! I am terrible at weilding a rolling mat. I always get my sushi too fat, and stuff falls out the sides. Now all I have to do is stuff rice and veggies and faux-meats into the mold and voila! Roll it up in some nori and chop, chop, chop!

This concludes yesterday's journey. Thank you *takes bow*

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