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Thursday, September 20, 2007

What I have accomplished on my vacation:

1). I started my Christmas shopping (So early?! I know!)

2). Finished knitted arm warmers that have been sitting on my desk for over a month (Lime green!)

3). Fixed (possibly, cross fingers) wireless router problem after a week's worth of back and forth communication with the e-mail support peeps.

4). Vacuum and clean out car (Maybe wash it tomorrow)

5). Get nose pierced (See blurry pic; oh, man are they gonna love me at work...)
6). Finally organized all of the recipes I have printed off the interwebs into binders, neatly divided into sections.

7). Called friends/wrote letters; basically kept in touch, re-affirmed that I am still alive and kicking.

8). Applied for a new job. Sigh.

9). Realized that I am way to boring and domestic.

10). Turned off computer, went in search of a life.

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